TRUSTe Privacy Management Solutions
Build and manage your program with TRUSTe technology, consulting, and certifications.


TRUSTe offers a broad range of solutions to help businesses manage all aspects of data privacy management. From consulting to help define your privacy strategy, to privacy assessments and certifications, to our SaaS platform with modules to address a range of compliance needs.

Data Privacy Management Platform

The TRUSTe Platform enables users to take control of a complete set of technology-driven solutions for managing a variety of privacy challenges.

The platform builds upon a foundation of two decades of privacy experience and a unique combination of technology, process and expertise to offer an end-to-end data privacy management solution.

The platform is available for self-service usage (you purchase the modules you need), and also powers TRUSTe consulting and certification solutions.

Build Your Program

The first step toward managing privacy compliance is building a comprehensive program. TRUSTe can help you develop your strategy and processes to manage privacy across your business.

Getting Started
Discovery Workshop
Program Design
Strategic Priorities
Data Inventory
Readiness Assessment
Program Building
PIA Program Development
Managed Services

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Assess and Remediate Risks

TRUSTe can help you benchmark your compliance against a wide range of privacy standards:

EU US Privacy Shield
Customer and
HR Data Verification
Customer and
HR Data Verification
TRUSTe Enterprise
Other Risks
Vendor, HIPPA
Kids / COPPA
Assessment &
EU Advertising

You have the option of a privacy assessment, which includes a review of your privacy practices along with a detailed findings report and recommended changes – or a full privacy certification where we work with you to ensure all required changes are made and give you access to the globally recognized TRUSTe Privacy Seal.

Privacy Feedback

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Manage Your Program

Operationalize and manage privacy across your company with one or more technology solutions from the TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform. The platform is in use by over 1,000 companies worldwide and backed by a team of expert engineers and support personnel along with over five years of operating experience.

Data Inventory Manager

Data Inventory 2.0 from TRUSTe

Produce a comprehensive inventory of data, classification by risk and type, and data flow maps. Combines expertise of TRUSTe consultants with powerful technology and proven process.

Assessment Manager

Data privacy Assessment Manager from TRUSTe.

An efficient, scalable way to conduct and manage privacy assessments and PIAs across your company to meet GDPR and other risk management objectives.

EU Cookie Consent Manager

EU cookie consent manager for informed consent regarding the collection and use of personal information.

Manage user consent regarding the use of cookies to address the EU GDPR and other regulations to legitimately collect and store data on a user’s computer or other devices.

Ads Compliance Manager

Ads compliance manager is part of DPM platform.

Obtain and manage user preferences regarding interest-based advertising (OBA) to meet the DAA, EDAA, and DAAC self-regulatory programs.

Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring dashboard from TRUSTe.

Identify and manage tracking technologies across all your websites to reduce risk, manage vendors, and ensure compliance.

Dispute Resolution Manager

Privacy dispute resolution services are an integral part of TRUSTe’s DPM

Manage complaints through an online system which provides consumers an efficient way to escalate privacy related questions.

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TRUSTe Advantage

TRUSTe solutions are based on a unique combination of privacy expertise, proven processes, and innovative technology – explore the TRUSTe Advantage:

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TRUSTe powers privacy compliance and risk management for over 1,000 companies around the world.


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