TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform
Enhance your privacy program with assessment automation, compliance controls, and monitoring tools.

TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform

The TRUSTe Platform represents a significant technological advancement in Data Privacy Management (DPM). The platform enables users to take control of a complete set of technology-driven solutions for managing a wide variety of privacy challenges.

The platform builds upon a foundation of over 15 years of privacy experience and unique combination of technology, process and expertise to offer the industry’s first end-to-end data privacy management solution.

The Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) approach to Data Privacy Management not only facilitates secure, on-demand access to a comprehensive set leading privacy solutions, SaaS delivery also enables quicker onboarding and scale for users. No software download or hardware installation is required, and only pay for the solutions you need.

Privacy Management Process

The TRUSTe Platform puts you in control of the three phases essential for effective Data Privacy Management. The phases are the foundation of TRUSTe’s proven methodology for addressing privacy risk.

Access, Control and Monitor methodology of DPM Platform.

The platform guides you through the Data Privacy Management process, starting with an assessment of data collection and use, and user defined compliance review. Once gaps are identified, risks should be addressed for the process to be complete. Compliance controls are then put into place to reduce future risk, and ongoing monitoring scheduled to verify continued compliance

Platform Modules

Assessment Manager

Expedite the delivery and improve the quality of the end-to-end assessment process. You can systematically discover how data is collected and handled throughout your organization. Conduct a comprehensive online review of enterprise data privacy management practices against applicable policies and regulations.

Quickly see where and why your practices do not align with regulations and policies, and the path of remediation. The workflow management features will help you organize, execute and report on your entire privacy program with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

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EU Cookie Consent Manager

Provide the leading EU Cookie Directive solution designed for legal, privacy, marketing, IT, information security, and compliance professionals within enterprise brands, publishers and website operators.

A consumer-friendly customizable user interface enables informed consent regarding the collection and use of personal information. You get an easy-to-use self-service portal for reporting and maintenance of consent manager tools.

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Ads Compliance Manager

Ensure OBA compliance with the leading advertising privacy solution approved by global self-regulatory bodies (DAA, EDAA, DAAC) for desktop and mobile. Ads Compliance Manager helps you reach audiences across all devices regardless of platform or cookie/non-cookie environments.

You’ll provide advertisers with valuable consumer interests in order to deliver privacy-safe, relevant ads, while protecting your brand by eliminating privacy risks through clear notice and choice

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Website Monitoring

A comprehensive discovery solution that uncovers all tracking technologies on your website [cookies, flash cookies (LSO’s), web beacons, pixel tags]. You’ll see the entire chain of tracker source, type and location are exposed.

You also get scoring and an evaluation of tracker third party tracker severity using a proprietary algorithm calculating its Privacy Sensitivity Index.

From within the portal you can directly manage your list of approved vendors and be alerted immediately to unauthorized tracking via email and a dashboard alert.

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Dispute Resolution Manager

Depend on the top dispute resolution solution provider to facilitate consumers’ privacy complaints through an online submission mechanism. Dispute Resolution Manager helps mitigate unintentional violations that may accompany web page updates or new initiatives.

You get an important, online alternative for consumers to escalate privacy complaints which may otherwise be directed toward regulatory bodies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)  in the US or the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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