TRUSTe Cookie Consent Manager

Emerging technologies and evolving data privacy practices create challenges in managing a global privacy program across the enterprise. Companies marketing to EU consumers must adhere to amendments to the 2009 E-Privacy Directive (EU Cookie Directive), and consumers expect companies to comply.

The EU Cookie Directive allows for the legitimate collection and storage of data on a consumer’s computer or other device only when informed consent is obtained. Some countries in the Americas, Asia, and other regions have similar data privacy legislation in place. With these increasing complexities, non-compliant companies are exposed to negative media and brand risks. TRUSTe helps companies stay ahead and protect the trustworthiness of their brands worldwide.


Privacy Expertise

We stay on top of the fluid and complex legal and regulatory landscape for you.

Brand Power

Display the #1 globally recognized privacy brand with our Cookie Consent. TRUSTe has more than 17 years experience, representing thousands of clients.

Data Privacy Management Platform

Cookie Consent Manager is powered by the same cloud platform delivering industry-leading privacy risk and compliance solutions.

Proven Scalability

TRUSTe Consent Manager is built to scale and engages with millions of consumers while serving billions of monthly impressions.

Dedicated Managed Services

Our team has years of experience helping many of the world’s most recognized brands

See it in action

See how top global brands use Cookie Consent Manager to demonstrate their commitment to consumer data privacy and protection, in all 28 EU member states and around the world.

Product Features

Privacy Compliance Scanning

Detect a broad range of tracking technologies, including JavaScript tags, web beacons, local storage objects, device fingerprinting, and much more. Scan results will trigger automatic updates to your Cookie Consent.


Reverse IP Lookup

Identify the country of each site visitor, allowing you to match the delivery of the consent notice to the specific regulatory requirements for the requesting party.


Privacy Compliance Reports

Reporting includes the number of times Cookie Consent is served, the number of clicks, and the number of opt-in and opt-out selections.



Integrate with any tag management system to identify and block unwanted third parties without exposing visitors to your site.


Browser Language Settings Detection

Deliver in-language content to individual making each request further ensuring that users get notification based on their individual preferences and giving them the best possible user experience.


Flexible Service and Support

TRUSTe has a dedicated operations team that monitors its infrastructure around the clock helping ensure that your Cookie Consent is up and running.


Visual Customization and Branding

Your consent mechanism can be custom tailored to align with your corporate branding. Select colors, fonts, and logos to maintain your site’s look and feel.


How it works

TRUSTe can help you manage the end-to-end process for implementing and maintaining your Cookie Consent. Rest assured: after years of experience and success we can do it for you.


Deep digital scan

Setting up your Cookie Consent Manager starts with a thorough scan of all of your websites, typically thousands of pages deep. TRUSTe can scan all pages, including those behind the login for cloud-based solutions. This scan provides a comprehensive view of the first and third parties with access to user data.

Trackers analysis

Cookie Consent Manager will identify and organize trackers into customizable groups, providing your customers a choice of who tracks them and reducing the risk that they will abandon your site.

Consent engine configuration

Create the customized notice and choice mechanisms that take your users through the opt-in/opt-out path in accordance with both appropriate laws and regulations and your internal policies.

User screen customization

Add your logo, adjust the design, and change the copy of your Cookie Consent to fit the look and feel of your brand.

JavaScript implementation

TRUSTe will send you a short JavaScript tag that you can add to your site along with best practice tips for optimizing performance based on your website set-up. For Managed Service customers, this is all the work you’ll need to do.

Quality assurance

The Technical Account Manager setting up your Cookie Consent will conduct thorough testing for you in a staged QA environment before your customers are potentially impacted.

Staged deployment

TRUSTe Technical Account Managers will work with you to push your Cookie Consent live and then conduct real user testing to ensure seamless execution.

Ongoing monitoring

Once your Cookie Consent is in place, you can schedule regular scans to monitor new tracking activity. The integration of TRUSTe scanning technology with Cookie Consent Manager lets you automatically update your consent notice, helping you stay in compliance with the EU Cookie Directive.

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