TRUSTe Ads Compliance Manager
Ensure your ads comply with the DAA / EDAA / DAAC online behavioral advertising privacy programs.


Online Behavioral Advertising Compliance

Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA), also known as Interest Based Advertising, provides a way to enhance the user experience by customizing ads and content to match a users interests across mobile and desktop environments. But the use of OBA also requires that you provide users notice and choice regarding the use of their information. Managing this process across dozens or hundreds of ad campaigns and millions or billions of ad impressions requires a technology solution that can operate at scale while providing a great user experience. Brands, publishers, and ad tech platforms all need to comply with the DAA / EDAA / DAAC self-regulatory programs.

TRUSTe Ads Compliance Manager Solution

TRUSTe Ads Compliance Manager is a comprehensive technology solution that overcomes the challenges of addressing consumer privacy opt-outs across any platform, device, real-time bidding (RTB) technology, or cookie/non-cookie environment. Ads Compliance Manager is easy to install and in use by many of the largest brands, publishers, and ad platforms worldwide in both desktop and mobile environments. Whether you are an advertiser/ad network running Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) ads, or a publisher allowing data collection for OBA purposes on your website, Ads Compliance Manager is your one-stop solution.

How It Works


Step 1: A light-weight TRUSTe ad tag embeds the AdChoices Icon on or near the ad.

Consumer Experience Example In Ad

Step 2: When clicked, the icon opens a privacy notice over the ad, powered by TRUSTe.

Step 3: A consumer can click through the privacy notice to TRUSTe’s Opt-Out Manager.

Publisher / On-Site

Step 1: Publishers can implement Ads Compliance Manager with a simple HTML insert, embedding the AdChoices Icon on any page.

Step 2: When clicked, the icon opens a TRUSTe-powered pop-up, providing consumers with ad privacy notice.

Step 3: Consumers can click through the ad privacy notice to navigate to an Opt-Out Manager, powered by TRUSTe.

Key Features

Online Reporting

Reporting includes the number of impressions, AdChoices Clicks, Click-through Rates, Opt-out selections and more opt-out selections.

Online Reporting

Browser Language Settings Detection

Cutting edge technology makes creating a secure, centralized inventory fast and sustainable.

Browser Language Settings Detection

TRUSTed Infrastructure

Our simple, scalable and flexible solutions sits on top of solid infrastructure that serves billions of impressions each month making TRUSTe the leading DAA provider.

TRUSTed Infrastructure

Tag Generator

With a few simple clicks you can create new tags or make changes to existing ones.

Tag Generator


  • Ensure OBA compliance with the leading advertising privacy solution approved by global self-regulatory bodies (DAA, EDAA, DAAC) for desktop and mobile
  • Reach audiences across all devices regardless of platform or cookie/non-cookie environments
  • Provide advertisers with valuable consumer interests in order to deliver privacy-safe, relevant ads
  • Provide brand protection by eliminating privacy risks through clear notice and choice
  • Allow consumers to personalize their digital advertising experience by letting them choose ads tailored to their interests, either through In–Ad or an App

EDAA Privacy Certification


TRUSTe is also an authorized EDAA Trust Seal Certification provider. For more information, visit EDAA Certification

Why Choose TRUSTe


Leading Self-Regulatory Global Compliance Solution:
An approved AdChoices icon provider for the DAA, EDAA, and DAAC – as well as EDAA privacy certifications.


Proven Scalability:
Serving billions of impressions worldwide and backed by a dedicated expert Ad Ops team and simple integration.


Extensive Industry Relationships:
Large market footprint including top ad networks and platforms across desktop and mobile.


Brand Power:
Globally recognized privacy brand powering trust for companies worldwide.


Industry News


DAA Summit 2016 Sponsor

TRUSTe was proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at the DAA’s annual conference for the fourth year in a row!

DAA Summit 2016

IAB Research Awards Finalist

TRUSTe / EDAA Consumer Privacy Advertising Research was a finalist for the IAB EU Research Awards.

IAB Research Award 2016

What Our Customers Say

TRUSTe powers privacy compliance and risk management for over 1,000 companies around the world.



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