TRUSTe Website Monitoring
Identify and analyze tracking activity and privacy risk across all of your websites.

TRUSTe Tracker Scanning and Website Monitoring


TRUSTe Website Monitoring is an enterprise class solution used by global companies of all sizes to monitor and control data collection on their websites.

TRUSTe Tracker Monitoring delivers highly actionable data that is scalable, user friendly, cost-effective and relevant to all business models. Gain valuable insight into the tracking activity across all your corporate domains to more effectively manage your business. Website Monitoring supports corporate governance initiatives and maintaining compliance with:

  • EU Cookie Directive
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  • California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)
  • Google AdSense & DoubleClick Consent Policy
  • Article 29 Working Party Opinion on Fingerprinting
Gain an important view into:
  • Data leakage
  • Website vendor management
  • Marketing optimization

How it works

TRUSTe can help you manage the end-to-end process for implementing and maintaining your Cookie Consent. Rest assured: after years of experience and success we can do it for you.


Project Scoping

Customers provide the URLs for website and mobile sites they want to want scanned and how deep into each site they want to go. The also determine the frequency needed to keep up with the pace of change.


A Technical Account Manager will set up your scan along with the desired page depth, frequency and geography.

Scan Execution

Scanning starts at the home page and automatically crawls through all links capturing all user tracking technologies along with the string of calls that bring a tracker to your site. Third parties found are instantly matched to several thousands in our tracker database providing a rich level of information for follow up.

Review & Analysis

After deep digital scan is complete, the Technical Account Manager will analyze the data and schedule a call to walk customers through findings of first and third party trackers, PSI scores, tracking technologies types, market verticals, network performance, and more.

Account Training

Beyond the finding report, customers can get online user training for TRUSTe online portal to view results, analyze data or export / share with others.

Regular Updates

With each subsequent scheduled scan, TRUSTe Website Monitoring will detect new trackers and alert you. With a subscription to Cookie Consent Manager, you’ll also get automatic updates to your customized consent mechanism.

White Label Management

Take control of which tracking cookies are authorized to be on your site with administrative tools that let you identify those who have been vetted and deemed okay.

Product Features

Deep Privacy Scans

Give us a URL and our crawling technology can automatically navigate your site – up to 3,000 pages – finding everyone collecting user data.


Cookie Consent Integration

Seamless integration with our EU Cookie Consent Management solution provides automated updates.


Tracker Categorizing

Trackers are automatically grouped by industry and type so that you can quickly drill down on a type and investigate further.


Privacy Sensitivity Index (PSI)

Third parties are matched in a database of over 6,000 known trackers, each scored with our proprietary risk Index. High, Medium and Low grouping helps you prioritize how you follow up.


Detailed Tracker Summary

You’ll get a detailed list of all trackers found on your site, along with type and frequency of tracking technologies they’ve used.


Daisy Chain Analysis

For every tracker found we will also provide a history of all website calls that ultimately brought them to your site.


Tracker Metadata

For each third party tracker found Website Monitoring will give detailed company information to help you determine the right course of action.


Data Collection Details

TRUSTe Website Monitoring also looks at pages that collect specific forms of PII, checks for encryption, and validates links to privacy policies .


Site Performance Metrics

For each tracker found you can also find out how they may be slowing down your site and perhaps negatively impacting the user experience.


Exporting & Archiving

With a single click you can generate an Excel report that can be shared with others or saved in your results archive.


Data privacy management platform from TRUSTe offering web, cloud, mobile and ad privacy solutions.

TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform

Website Monitoring is part of our Data Privacy Management Platform. The Platform is a comprehensive SaaS solution which is available standalone and via a managed service delivery option.

The platform is used by global brands across all industries and has modules for assessment automation, ads compliance, cookie compliance, website monitoring, and dispute resolutions.

For more information, visit the TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform.

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