TRUSTe EU Data Privacy Management Suite

Managing data privacy has become a critical part of your overall business strategy. Recent ongoing changes in legislation, increased media coverage, and higher consumer concerns are all working to make privacy management more challenging. The following resources are provided to help you learn more about privacy compliance requirements, consumer perceptions, best practices, and solutions available to help you design and implement a great privacy management strategy.


Website Monitoring Service

The EU Cookie Directive requires companies that use tracking technologies on their websites to obtain prior informed consent before placing these technologies on customers' devices. An important first step is to fully understand what trackers are on your website. TRUSTe's Website Tracker Audit allows you to uncover, analyze and monitor first and third party trackers so that you can ensure that you are accurate in your disclosures to customers.

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TRUSTed Consent Manager

Once you have an understanding of the tracking technologies that are present on your site, you can leverage the TRUSTed Websites Consent Manager to provide consumers with consent options to control third party tracking on your site. TRUSTe's Consent Management Platform is a scalable and simple way for website to provide consumers with transparency and control over these technologies.

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Advertisers, publishers, agencies, and solution providers use TRUSTed Ads to achieve reliable, scalable, and cost-effective compliance with the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) EU's Self Regulatory Good Practice Principles for online behavioral advertising.

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Privacy Certifications

It is essential to provide assurance to your customers that their privacy is respected whenever interacting with them online. TRUSTe certifies your privacy practices as it relates to your website, mobile-optimized website, mobile applications, emails and third-party data collection practices. Our certification standards are based on UK and EU regulation give you the right to display the TRUSTe privacy seal so that customers know that your privacy practices are to the highest standard.

Plus, our third-party dispute resolution services are included for pain-free facilitation of privacy inquiries from your customers.

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We hosted our first EU Date Privacy Summit in London on 11 July, 2012. Over 50 delegates from leading brands and organizations were in attendance for the half-day event.

11 July, Covent Garden, London
The Hospital Club

Event Pictures

TRUSTe Data Privacy Summit

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2012 EU Compliance, Tracking Awareness Index

2012 EU Compliance,
Tracking Awareness Index

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UK Compliance And Tracking Edition Index

UK Compliance
And Tracking Index

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UK Consumer Privacy Research 2013

UK Consumer
Privacy Research
Full Report

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2012 TRUSTe UK Consumer Data Privacy Study

2012 TRUSTe UK Consumer
Data Privacy Study

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2012 UK Website Privacy Index

UK Website
Privacy Index

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2012 British Consumer Confidence Index

British Consumer
Confidence Index

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Survey Results

British Consumer
EU Cookie Directive
Awareness Index

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Privacy in the EU

What You Need to Know about European Union Privacy: New Laws Around Targeted Online Behavioral Advertising.

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2009 EU Cookie Directive

What You Need to Know about the 2009 EU Cookie Directive.

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EU Cookie Directive Audit and Compliance

View this short video and learn how you can help your organization build a strategy to comply with the 2009 EU Cookie Directive.

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EU Cookie Directive Framework

This video provides step-by-step on what organizations must do to comply with the EU Cookie Directive legislation, when collecting customer data, processing data, as well as gaining consent from customers, when doing business with customers in Europe.

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TRUSTed Website Monitoring Service Data Sheet

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TRUSTed Ads - EDAA Compliance Package Datasheet

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Consent Manager Datasheet

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TRUSTe and Promontory Launch Joint BCR Management Program
(February 11, 2013)

TRUSTe research shows sharp increase in mobile privacy concerns
(January 28, 2013)

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(November 15, 2012)

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EU-bedrijven lopen uit de pas met consumentenzorgen over online tracking
(15 November 2012)

EU-Unternehmen ohne Verständnis für die Sorgen der Verbraucher in Bezug auf Online-Tracking
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TRUSTe partners with Haymarket to provide the Media Group with data privacy best practice solutions
(November 1, 2012)

First in-depth analysis of the impact of EU Cookie Directive shows majority of users choosing to allow advertising cookies
(October 30, 2012)

63% of top UK websites have taken steps to address the EU cookie directive
(September 6, 2012)

63% of top UK websites have taken steps to address the EU cookie directive
(September 6, 2012)

63% of top UK websites have taken steps to address the EU cookie directive
(September 6, 2012)

Gumtree partners with TRUSTe to give users more control over online behavioural advertising
(August 24, 2012)

TRUSTe offers widest range of EU privacy solutions as TRUSTed Ads is authorised as Provisionally Approved Icon Provider for the EDAA
(July 13, 2012)

Transparency and choice needed to address growing UK online privacy concerns and maintain customer trust
(July 11, 2012)

TRUSTe launches new data privacy certifications to help UK businesses address high consumer privacy concerns and build trust
(June 28, 2012)

TRUSTe privacy research finds high consumer awareness of internet cookies, but 71% not aware of imminent 'cookie' law
(May 24, 2012)

TRUSTe Expands EU Privacy Management Suite
(April 24, 2012)

TRUSTe Study Reveals Extensive Tracking and Inadequate Privacy Protections on Top UK Websites
(April 18, 2012)

TRUSTe Releases Great Britain Privacy Research; Expands EU Team to Address Growing Privacy Concerns and Support Business Needs
(March 20, 2012)

TRUSTe Unveils New EU Privacy Solution
(March 7, 2012)