TRUSTe EU Data Privacy Management Solutions

TRUSTe has a broad range of solutions to help you address all major EU privacy risk management and compliance challenges. From cross border data transfers to the EU Cookie Directive to preparing for the GDPR. TRUSTe has over 18 years experience working with clients across all maturity levels and a broad range of industries. All of our solutions are backed by best in class people, process, and technology. Our solutions include consulting, certifications, and our SaaS Data Privacy Management Platform which provides assessment management, consent management, ads compliance, tracker monitoring, and dispute resolution.

EU Cross Border Data transfer Solutions

The following solutions help companies transfer customer and employee data from the EU to the US.

EU Privacy Shield Assessment

Assess your compliance vs. EU Privacy Shield standards. We are currently assessing vs. the most recent Privacy Shield standards and will begin assessing against Privacy Shield standards as soon as they are released. You can combine this offering with a Model Contract Clause Assessment to provide maximum protection.

Model Contract Clause Assessment

Assess your compliance vs. EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC associated with contract clauses added for your cross border data transfers. You can combine this offering with a Privacy Shield Assessment to provide maximum protection.

BCR Readiness Assessment

Assess your readiness to pursue Binding Corporate Rules.

EU General Compliance Solutions

The following solutions help companies in the US, EU, and anywhere around the world address EU privacy compliance when collecting data from EU citizens.

GDPR Privacy Solutions

Assess your compliance vs. the key provisions outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation.

Cookie Consent Privacy Solutions

Ensure compliance with the EU Cookie Directive.

OBA Ads Compliance Solutions

Ensure compliance with the EDAA Online Behavioural Advertising Program. TRUSTe is both an authorized icon provider and trust seal certification provider.

PIA / Privacy Assessment Automation

Prepare for the GDPR and streamline management of your privacy assessments with TRUSTe’s Assessment Manager, part of our Data Privacy Management Platform. Assessment Manager provides an end to end solution for creating assessments, collecting feedback across your organization, remediating changes, and producing an auditable archive of compliance reports.

Your Path to GDPR Compliance

TRUSTe also has a wide range of GDPR Privacy Solutions to help you get on the path to GDPR compliance.

Four steps to GDPR Compliance

TRUSTe Privacy Professionals

TRUSTe Privacy Services are delivered by our Privacy Consultants and Privacy Services Managers, a team of recognized data privacy experts with significant experience conducting privacy assessments. Our team has a unique hybrid background of privacy, technology, business process, and project management experience. All are CIPP trained or certified, many have law degrees, and have hands-on experience working for a wide range of companies including Adobe, American Express, Citrix, Comcast, HSBC Bank, IBM, Kimberly-Clark, Microsoft, Pfizer, and many more.

Our privacy team leverages nearly 20 years experience delivering data privacy management solutions for thousands of global brands along with our comprehensive technology platform. We also have key regulatory relationships and are a leading provider of privacy services supporting regulatory and self-regulatory compliance programs for a wide range of agencies including APEC, DOC, DAA, EDAA, and FTC.

TRUSTe Technology Platform

Our Data Privacy Management Services leverage the TRUSTe Platform, a comprehensive, SaaS technology solution that provides state of the art assessment management, compliance control, and website scanning / monitoring capabilities.

Data Privacy Management Platform | TRUSTe

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