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Privacy concerns in today’s digital world are on the rise, as 9 out of 10 consumers avoid doing business with companies that do not protect their online privacy, and data collectors are rightfully concerned about the privacy implications. These complexities, as well as the increase of self-regulatory enforcement, are placing 3rd Party data collectors at risk and can lead to potential consequences of hefty legal fees, fines, and lawsuits for non-compliance.

In order to be certified, companies must first satisfy the TRUSTed Data Privacy program requirements. These program requirements specify the comprehensive review of data collection activities including:

  • Review cookies and other technologies the company uses to collect data through third party domains.
  • Review and testing of opt-out and consent mechanisms and processes.
  • Ensure a clear and accurate privacy policy explicitly describing the company’s OBA data collection and use practices.
  • If required, check for proper implementation of DAA-compliant notice and choice mechanism.
  • Review of data management policies including accountability mechanisms, data retention, and security policy.
  • Review of data sources and any use or ownership rights associated with the data.

Companies that successfully complete the TRUSTed Data program requirements receive a detailed certification report and are awarded the TRUSTe Seal to demonstrate to regulators, potential partners, or business customers their compliance with privacy best practices for data collection.

TRUSTed Data helps you:

  • Protect your brand from privacy risks
  • Minimize Compliance Risk by helping to ensure practices are aligned with industry standards and best practices, thus building trust amongst your partners who are more willing to work with you
  • Shorten sales cycles with new customers and deepens the trust in your existing business relationships

Key Features

TRUSTed Data privacy certifications follow a comprehensive and proven multi-step process to ensure your privacy practices meet applicable regulatory and industry standards.

Data Collection & Discovery

TRUSTed Data privacy certifications begin with a review of your data privacy management practices for each data collection platform you want to certify. We work with you to identify a range of information including what data is collected, how it’s used, who shares it with, third party agreements, use of trackers, privacy disclosures, opt-outs, and much more. We also review your stated privacy practices and policies. The TRUSTe team uses a combination of methodologies including a manual evaluation of your privacy practices by our team of privacy analysts, company interviews and on-site engagements, and digital property scanning tools.

Privacy Findings Report & Gap Analysis

We present you with a Privacy Findings Report summarizing a gap analysis between your privacy practices and the TRUSTed Data Privacy Program Requirements along with the changes you need to make to your data privacy management practices and privacy policies to achieve certification. The TRUSTe Privacy Program Requirements are built upon the core principles of transparency, choice and accountability and they provide a comprehensive set of requirements based on applicable privacy regulations, industry self-regulatory requirements, and industry best practices.

Certified Privacy Seal

Once we validate that you've implemented the changes outlined in the Privacy Findings Report, you get access to the TRUSTed Data Privacy Seal. The seal is recognized globally as a high standard for privacy management and displayed on thousands of websites and apps. You can display the seal both on your privacy statement as well as in other prominent places like your website home page and site footer to demonstrate your commitment to privacy. The seal is hosted by TRUSTe and linked to a TRUSTe Validation Page to provide real-time verification that your website certification is current and valid.

Letter of Attestation

Once certification is complete, you can request a customized letter of attestation that your company is a TRUSTe client that has undergone a review and alignment with TRUSTe's privacy program requirements. This attestation can be shared with clients and business partners as part of RFPs and other processes reviews to complement the TRUSTe Seal, providing a competitive distinction and selling point.

Privacy Dispute Resolution Service

TRUSTe also offers a third-party dispute resolution service, which helps you efficiently manage privacy inquiries from customers. It also addresses the dispute handling requirements for regulatory programs like the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework.

Ongoing Privacy Guidance

TRUSTed Data also provides you with access to ongoing privacy guidance as it relates to your TRUSTe certification, including new regulations, product plans, geographic expansion, and acquisitions. You’ll get access to TRUSTe Privacy Solutions experts along with Educational Webinars, Seminars, White Papers, and Research Reports.

TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform

TRUSTed Data Certification is available individually or as part of our Data Privacy Management (DPM) platform.

Comprehensive solution including Privacy Assessments and Certifications, Monitoring Tools and Compliance Controls.

Manage privacy globally across all your online channels - web, cloud, apps, ads.

Powered by a robust cloud-based technology infrastructure and TRUSTe privacy experts.

Enables businesses to protect their brand, build trust, and maintain compliance.

For more information, visit TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform.

Data privacy management platform from TRUSTe offering web, cloud, mobile and ad privacy solutions.
TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform
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