Address EU Cookie Compliance with TRUSTe Cookie Consent Manager

Quickly and Easily Minimize EU Cookie Directive Compliance Risks

Evolving data privacy management requirements can create huge challenges for businesses operating globally. Companies marketing to EU consumers must adhere to amendments to the 2009 E-Privacy Directive (EU Cookie Directive), and consumers expect companies to comply. The Cookie Directive requires companies to obtain informed consent before accessing and storing data on a consumer’s computer or other devices. With these increasing complexities companies are exposed to legal and brand risks.

As part of our Data Privacy Management Platform, TRUSTe Cookie Consent Manager provides a comprehensive EU Cookie Directive solution designed for all websites – including brands, publishers and e-commerce sites.

Implementation is Fast and Easy - 3 Step Set-up Process

  1. Website Review - TRUSTe will review your website and the applicable legal requirement for the countries you operate in to recommend the type of implementation required for your business (e.g., implied vs. express consent)
  2. Website Scan – TRUSTe will conduct an in-depth scan of your website with our Website Monitoring Service in order to accurately identify all cookies and trackers – this information will be used to customize the cookie consent solution for your business to ensure you properly address key compliance requirements
  3. Website Update – TRUSTe will provide you with one snippet of JavaScript code that you will insert onto your website to activate the cookie consent manager

Ongoing Management – Self Service and Managed Service Options

Once you have activated Cookie Consent Manager, you need to continuously monitor your website for the presence of new cookies and trackers and ensure they are updated in your configuration.

  • TRUSTe will regularly scan your website with our Website Monitoring Solution to identify any changes and automatically update your Cookie Consent Manager configuration
  • You can manage these updates yourself via our self-service portal, or we can manage the updates for you.
  • You also have the option of accessing additional information about the tracking activity on your website, including the privacy risk score, site performance impact, and daisy chain insights

How It Works - The User Experience

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The user experience is customizable and easy for consumers to navigate

  1. User visits your site
  2. User sees cookie notice
  3. User accepts cookies or visits / updates cookie preferences on the Cookie Controls page
  • You can control the branding experience on your Cookie Controls page including the use of your logo, messaging, and translation to support multiple country implementations
  • You can configure the Cookie Controls page to open in a separate iFrame, minimizing the risk of users leaving your site

See the demo below for an example of how the solution could look on your site.


Find out how Consent Manager might look on your site.

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TRUSTe Advantage – Why Choose TRUSTe for your EU Cookie Consent Manager Solution

  1. Proven Solution - Dozens of successful global implementations for high volume websites operating across the EU
  2. Robust Technology - Capacity to manage millions of user interactions via proven, cloud-based system
  3. Easy to Implement - Self-service and Managed-service options. Your web operations team can manage the set-up and ongoing updates or TRUSTe Client Services can do it for you.
  4. Flexible, Multi-Country Support – Tailor your configuration to address different country requirements (e.g., express in country A, implied in country B, etc.)
  5. Custom Branding – Incorporate your logo and messaging on the Cookie Controls page
  6. Comprehensive Website Scanning – Quickly and accurately identify all cookies and trackers with our integrated Website Monitoring System
  7. Tag Management Integration – Optional integration with solutions like BrightTag ang Google
  8. Privacy Expertise – Leverage TRUSTe’s team of 150+ global privacy experts including EU CIPP-certified Policy Analysts and Client Services Managers
  9. Privacy Brand – Leverage TRUSTe’s global consumer privacy brand which has been the standard for consumer trust online for over 5,000 companies since 1997

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TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform

Cookie Consent Manager is available individually or as part of our Data Privacy Management (DPM) platform.

Comprehensive solution including Privacy Assessments and Certifications, Monitoring Tools and Compliance Controls.

Manage privacy globally across all your online channels - web, cloud, apps, ads.

Powered by a robust cloud-based technology infrastructure and TRUSTe privacy experts.

Enables businesses to protect their brand, build trust, and maintain compliance.

For more information, visit TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform.

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EU Consent Requirements by Country – July 2014

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